Organic Spa Pedicure and OPI Spa Pedicure Treatment for softer healthier soles

Let us transform your tired feet into beautiful-looking ones, with renewed healthy and luminous glowing skin. These are the benefits of our spa pedicure services. N20 Nail Spa specialises in a range of pedicure services tailored to suit different skin conditions.

Organic Spa Feet$84.00

OPI Spa Feet$84.00

Organic Spa Set Treatment *$137.00

OPI Spa Set Treatment *$180.00

(4 in 1) Spa Set Treatment *$180.00

Fungus Treatment$97.00

* Spa Set Treatment consists of:

Soak: Your feet are first soaked in a unique blend of enriched moisturizers.
Scrub: Deep cleansing and revitalization of sluggish and fatigued feet.
Foot Balm: Non-greasy foot balm melts into the skin and provides rough dehydrated feet with a cocoon of silk softness.
Clay Mask: Removes toxins and skin impurities.
Foot Lotion: Special UV protection and hydration for your skin. Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles & reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots.
Collagen: Hot / Cold mask wonderfully adds additional vitality to your skin.

All prices above include 7% GST.