spa manicure nail service package

Nail spa packages are the favourites of all time. In N20 Nail Spa salon, you can pamper yourself and indulge in the privacy of our lounge while we doll up your nails and revitalise your skin. Nail spa services available in our salon include:

Organic Spa Hand$74.00

OPI Spa Hand$74.00

Organic Spa Set Treatment *$117.00

(4 in 1) Spa Set Treatment *$139.00

OPI Spa Set Treatment *$139.00

* Spa Set Treatment consists of:

Scrub: Deep cleansing and revitalization of sluggish & fatigued hands.
Hand Cream: The perfect antidote for dry, rough or fatigued hands.
Clay Mask: Removes skin impurities and toxins.
Hand Lotion: Special UV protection and hydration for your skin. Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles & reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots.
Collagen: Hot / Cold mask wonderfully adds additional vitality to your skin.

All prices above include 8% GST.