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Gel manicures (also known as gelish nail polish) is popular amongst women manicure during the recent years. Before gel manicure was introduced, enamel nail polishes were widely used, but enamel tend to chip off easily, and maintaining the colours is a chore.

Gel manicure is simply amazing not just in terms of the vibrancy of colours, but also expands the choice of nail arts, designs and durability. Once you have a gel manicure done, you are likely to stick to it, literally! The gel is cured under a special UV or LED light source, and once cured, the gel hardens, and seals the colours on the nail cuticle surface. Hence, gel manicures would remain in their perfect state much much longer than traditional nail manicures, and you do not have to worry about the gel chipping off.

At N20 Nail Spa, all our trained manicurists are skilled in gelish nail arts. In N20 nail salons, customers can pick a suitable nail art design from our existing catalogues, or show us photos of their desired designs. Regardless of the choice of nail arts, customers are assured of the following benefits:

  • N20 uses branded, premium quality, non-harsh gelish nail polishes which are gentle to delicate fingernails
  • Gel manicure colours are vibrant, and they stay on much longer than traditional nail polishes
  • N20’s gel manicure are resistant to chipping
  • Customers can return to any N20 salon at their convenience whenever it is time to soak off (remove) the gel and/or to put on fresh new coat of nail arts
  • N20’s gel manicure service can be completed in as fast as 30 minutes (depending on designs), so feel free to visit our salons during your lunch hour if you have no time after work

Finally, all customers will get to experience N20’s renowned pampering moment that includes massage chair, refreshments and tea, at no charge.

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