pedicure enhancements - collagen mask, arm waxing, organic scrub, leg waxing, callus treatment

Extend the indulgence to your limbs with our pedicure accompaniments. These are specially selected services that rejuvenates your skin, and are tailored to help you look beautiful from head to toes.

Collagen Mask (Hot / Cold)


Arm Waxing

$25.00 (Half)
$50.00 (Full)

Callus Treatment Set

Hot Collagen + Scrub + Machine

Organic Spa Mask & Scrub


Leg Waxing

$35.00 (Half)
$70.00 (Full)

OPI Spa Mask & Scrub


Callus Treatment


Effervescent Sanitizing Soak Ball

$5.00 / $10.00

All prices above are subject to 7% GST.