Eyelash Extensions Package

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions are superfine lashes that are meticulously added to your existing lashes to produce a fan of lashes across your eyes. Your eyelashes and brows are styled to convey a bolder, confident appearance. Mega volume eyelashes are popular among celebrities and singers.

There is a limit how much mascaras can beautify your eyes before messing up your make up. Now with N20 long-lasting eyelash extensions, you can give your eyes a sexier new look almost instantly. Visit N20 Eyelash salons and indulge in your own private space, while our eyelash artists magically transform your eyes.

1D Mega Volume Lash Extensions$117.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.15mm each
  • Lash counts: 300-350

2D Mega Volume Lash Extensions$160.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.1mm each
  • Lash counts: 300-350

3D Mega Volume Lash Extensions$182.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.07mm each
  • Lash counts: 700

6D Mega Volume Lash Extensions$204.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.05mm each
  • Lash counts: 1000

Crazy Mix Lashes$204.00-$312.00

Our eyelash artists will use a mixture of 1D + 3D + 6D extensions to achieve near-real lashes effects for your eyes.

All customers get to enjoy these free in-salon service:

  • Tea and chocolate
  • Home care eyelash kit worth $19.90
All prices above include 8% GST.