Eyelash Extensions Package

Re-style your eyelash extensions in the posh comfort of our salons. Enjoy a relaxing Eyelash Spa while our lash artists create a new look for your eyes.

Enhance your lashes, make them even more unique and attractive with these accompaniments and touch ups:

Eyelash Spa$41.00

A special treatment to strengthen eyelashes and help them grow naturally.

Collagen Mask$20.00

Cleanse and soften your facial skin.

Eyelash Extensions Removal$22.00-$41.00

Colour Lash$22.00-$54.00

Lash counts: 50-100

Lower Lash$43.00-$65.00

Lash counts: 50-100

Touch Up (Every 2 weeks)

1D: $33.00
2D: $43.00
3D: $54.00
6D: $65.00

Touch Up (Every 3 weeks)

1D: $54.00
2D: $65.00
3D: $75.00
6D: $86.00

All prices above include 7% GST.