About N20 Nail Spa salons

Genuine Customer Reviews

If there is one thing that motivates us in our nail salon, it is that we can see the happy smiles on our customers’ faces. At N20 Nail Spa, we do our very best to go the extra mile in terms of customer service.

From accommodating the requests of customers to taking extra efforts to perfect the works of art on customers’ nails, we have done them all. Our effors have paid off! We want to thank all our customers, especially those who visited for the first time, for leaving us many encouraging reviews about their experience in N20 nail salons.

The girls were careful and thorough and did an excellent job of manicure pedicure. They were, however, overbooked and.. I waited a total of 35 min. They are pretty professional but however too busy and crowded on weekend.

(N20 Nail Spa salon) service is really good, provided tea, chocolate and massage chair. They will push for manicure pedicure packages. Bought it (manicure and pedicure packages) as I think the service they provide is worth it. Lots of colours to choose from. Good service.

Professional and importantly clean. N20 Nail Spa is thus far the best nail spa I have been, courteous, provide the service with smile, well done girls! Service is good, staff are professional. Good skill and friendly staff!

Amazing service! Everything was super clean and professional and even got to sit in a massage chair. One of the best mani/pedis I’ve had in a while. Very good service, except at the end they kept pressing you to buy a package.

Good service. They will recommend their package but is not over pushy. Though a peak period, they were able to attend to me with less waiting time. The massage chair was a big relief after work. Good service! Nicely done. They have a staff named Helen. She provides very good service and was very nice.

The ladies are competent, not rough like my friend was telling me that at other places. Really sweet and lovely employees. Gave top-notch service and were very gentle and accommodating to my needs. It was a pleasant few hours in the palour. Especially enjoyed the tea that was served, the pampering foot scrub and amazing massage.

Nice staff. Easy to book an appointment. It was a super experience. Will be going back again. Massage chairs and hand foot massage is a definite plus!

Good service. Very professional and definitely will go back. Staff are friendly and service is good. Their service is good but they are quite insistent about selling you a package after your first visit. If you do not like this sort of pressure, don’t get this. Good service especially from Wendy. Very friendly.

Best nail spa I ever come across. Very comfortable place with good services. Service is tip top. Warm welcome with massage and friendly. Skill is good but promo is bit costly. They were very customer focused.