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Manicure Pedicure Reviews

Ever since N20 Nail Spa started, we have not stopped delighting customers with the best of our nail spa services. Below are genuine reviews by customers who have experienced N20’s manicure and pedicure services.

In N20 nail salons, we offer customers a truly pampering experience. Besides getting a professional manicure/pedicure nail art make over, customers can request for a relaxing foot bath to rejuvenate their tired feet. As a customer in our nail salon, you simply sit and relax in our posh massage couches, sip on soothing teas and enjoy the refreshments.

This is why N20 is more than just a nail salon; we are a Nail Spa salon. We thank customers for leaving us such great reviews about their nail spa experience.

Service was friendly and skill/quality was generally good. There was some light pushing of packages but after I refused, the staff was still polite and pleasant. Because of that I’d consider signing up with them next time as Westgate is near my home.

Angela Oon

September 2017

Both Moon n Helen were very good. I liked the service. I will return again.


September 2017

The manicurist and pedicurist there (at N20 Nail Spa) were extremely friendly. We chatted about mobile phones like we were old-time friends. They didn’t show displeasure when I didn’t buy their package even though they tried to sell the package to me.

Swanee Gan

September 2017

Service was excellent. Hot tea, shoulder and arm massage. My nails perfectly done. No hard selling at the end. Thumb’s up.


September 2017

Perfect in the level of service, efficiency and ambience. Just dislike the way the Vietnamese manicurists were being pushy in promoting the manicure package.


September 2017

Did a gelish manicure at Vivo outlet, the staff named Evone is very nice and friendly! Love the service and will come back! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Felicia Clarissa

September 2017

The staff there are friendly and service is good too. Professional and efficient. My manicurist Helen was very detailed when she did my nails. Really impressed by the manicurist Helen’s friendliness and work ethic.

I did a gel manicure and Wendy was very meticulous about applying my polish away from my cuticles! Very good! Quite clean, and did a good job in manicure.

Excellent service! One of the best nail services I had. It was simply the best service you could have. Very pretty nails and good service.

Service is excellent. It was one of the best nail services I had in a while. They weren’t so pushy for sales, greeted me with a chocolate bar and a hot drink. Massaged shoulder, legs and arms and finished off with a hot blanked. It was simply the best service you could have.

Friendly and efficient staff. Everything is kept very clean. Clean and nice environment with massage chairs. Both Jill and Anni did a great job! Very detailed in what they do. Manicurist always stop half way to do other stuff then back to service me.

$35 for the soak off for both pedi and mani. The service was amazing. I can safely say this is the best nail place I’ve been to so far! They sterilised their equipment used. Have warm towels. Good service.