Customer Feedback

About N20 Nail Spa by customers

N20 Nail Spa receives customers’ feedback regularly. We are not just a nail salon that strives to provide great manicure and pedicure service, but we also desire to exceed customers’ expectations about their experience in our salons. In the end, every time our customers return to our salons, they would feel being pampered again.

N20 Nail Spa is here to make a difference. We are grateful for all the feedback given by customers. We are glad that so many customers have enjoyed their services in our nail salons as much as we have in serving them.

Hence, we owe it to our customers that N20 Nail Spa has been voted the Best Spa Manicure.

No selling at all despite the previous reviews. Quick and fuss-free.

Jessica Gambino

October 2018, ★★★★★

All equipment used are cleaned and sterilized. Very hygienic. No pushy sales talk. Very relaxing massage chair. I was advised to do a feet treatment, tried and saw instant results! Great experience! :):)

Chithrra Yogarajah

September 2018, ★★★★★

Nancy did a really good job. Though they did try to get you to add things during the service… They did not really push it. Will be back for more 🙂

Tan Elin

August 2018, ★★★★★

Overall good service.

Cybelle Jacinto

December 2017, ★★★★★

Very good manicure done by Kelly and pedicure by Evone.


November 2017, ★★★★★

Thank you Helen!! Neat work. Very polite.

Vin Gill

October 2017, ★★★★★

Did a gelish manicure at N20 VivoCity salon. The staff named Evone is very nice and friendly. Love the service and will come back!

Felicia Clarissa

September 2017, ★★★★★

Excellent service from Jess, no different treatment even using fave voucher. Really professional, will definitely go back. Store is crowded with customers but the service staff still made you feel welcome.


July 2017, ★★★★★

Very good experience and professional! Had great shoulder massage as well. Highly recommended!


July 2017, ★★★★★

I been to the N20 Nail Spa salon at Westgate. Their service excellent! Especially thanks to my pedicurist Ms. Wendy and manicurist Ms. Anna!

Gucci Luv

July 2017, ★★★★★

New (high-tech) and very cozy nail spa. Staffs are friendly and well-skilled manicurists. Highly recommended!

Maria Donna Inguillo Salangsang

June 2017, ★★★★★

The staff was friendly and patient! Great service and skills, very warm and hospitable. As for colour range, they have a variety and spoilt for choice! Will definitely come again 🙂


June 2017, ★★★★★

It was such a great session! Totally Worth it – Chloe was fantastic!

KAIXIAL Rivichanclran

June 2017, ★★★★★

Best pedicure I’ve ever had. These ladies take nail care to an art form. Anna is particularly amazing.


June 2017, ★★★★★

Staff very friendly and also a lot of colours to choose.

Tay Peck Chyi

June 2017, ★★★★★

Great service & friendly staff. Although I bought it at a discount , the staff still did my nails very nicely. Love it! However, there is hard selling by the counter staff.


June 2017, ★★★★★

Did at VivoCity salon. Polite but pushy for their package.

Jiu lie

June 2017, ★★★★☆

Great experience. Staff are nice and no hard selling.

Ng Pei Jing

October 2018, ★★★★★

The staffs there were very welcoming, efficient and just minor hardsell as it is their duties. They do not rush even though there was a crowd, even on weekdays. They also don’t judge like other nail salon companies, when people uses vouchers. They made my mum and I feel so good about the experience. Awesome I would say. Thanks.

Eda Chee

July 2018, ★★★★★

Many thanks to Jenny for the great service and awesome hospitality! Love it!

Fang Fang

December 2017, ★★★★★

Awesome service by Eva and Iyuli 🙂


November 2017, ★★★★★

Will definitely go back again 🙂


October 2017, ★★★★★

Service was excellent. Had hot tea, shoulder and arm massage. My nails are perfectly done. No hard selling at the end. Thumb’s up.


September 2017, ★★★★★

Would come back again!


July 2017, ★★★★★

Service good. Quite a bit of hard sell.

Yanui Lee

July 2017, ★★★★★

Good manicure but started 45 minutes late.


July 2017, ★★★★☆

Have the session at N20 Vivo salon. Staff are friendly and diligent. Service hour till 10pm would have been better and more relax for me.


July 2017, ★★★★☆

Friendly and very good service. Highly recommended.

Tng Karen

June 2017, ★★★★★

Went for my appointment at Westgate. Staff, Moon, is friendly, However, I have to wait fro half an hour even though I made an appointment a week before. They do not have my choice of colour in mind, eventually have to select other option.

Hazel H

June 2017, ★★★★☆

Service was amazing, two staff attended to me including the manager, Anna. Loved how meticulous they were and I had gelish for both manicure and pedicure.


June 2017, ★★★★★

The manicurist is extremely fast & good! I am very impressed. If I remember correctly, her name is claylee. Ask tor her, she is good!!

Bell Bell Chris

June 2017, ★★★★★

It was good experience.


June 2017, ★★★★★

Excellence service. They were short staffed therefore had to wait for quite sometime. Aside to that, I feel pampered and taken care off with the classic mani pedi (manicure pedicure). Will definitely go back again.

Nurul Yusshaika

June 2017, ★★★★★

Very professionally done.

Cherly Lee

June 2017, ★★★★☆