Hair removal waxing in N20 salon

N20’s hair removal treatments rely on special waxing products which are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic and gentle to the skin. Our beauticians are trained in facial and body hair waxing to remove unsightly hair and bring out the beauty in you.

Lip Waxing

Remove unsightly moustache, fine and overgrown hair from the upper and lower lips. This has the effect of accentuating the beauty and the contours of your lips.

Upper Lip Waxing$20.00

Lower Lip Waxing$20.00

Brow Waxing

Brow waxing is recommended if the shape of both brows are uneven, which could be caused by uneven hair growth. During N20 brow waxing service, our beautician will trim, shape and gently wax your brows to achieve a beautiful contour.

Brow Waxing$31.00

Face Waxing

Facial hair is lovely but not when they are growing on the wrong areas. It is also time consuming for yourself to trim them using tweezers. Thankfully, N20 has innovative waxing techniques to quickly remove unsightly hair on chin, cheek, in nostrils and on the entire face. Our beauticians will advise you on the best approach to managing facial hair.

Chin Waxing$20.00-$31.00

Cheek Waxing$31.00

Nostril Waxing$20.00

Full Face Waxing$106.00

Arm & Leg Waxing

Do not let unsightly hair stop you from wearing your favourite tank tops, camisoles and bikinis. Visit N20 salon to have unsightly hair on the underarms, legs, thighs removed by waxing.

Arm Waxing (Half/Full)$27.00/$54.00

Leg Waxing (Half/Full)$38.00/$76.00

Finger & Toe Waxing

Very commonly, hair on fingers and toes can be easily removed by way of waxing. N20’s unique waxing service will ensure that the stubborn hair are removed from the root, so that the new hair that grow will be finer and can be easily waxed off again.

Finger Waxing$11.00-$20.00

Toe Waxing$13.00-$22.00

All prices above include 8% GST.