Elegant Volume Eyelash Extensions Package

Elegant Volume Lash Extensions transform your eyes, and make them look sexier and glamorous, just like those of models and celebrities.

At N20, we believe that everybody deserves an elegant pair of eyes. This is why we specialise in lash extensions that instantly transform the looks of your eyes. No more messy mascaras! Just long-lasting N20 eyelash extensions.

1D Elegant Volume Lash Extensions$106.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.15mm each
  • Lash counts: 200-250

2D Elegant Volume Lash Extensions$139.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.1mm each
  • Lash counts: 200-250

3D Elegant Volume Lash Extensions$160.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.07mm each
  • Lash counts: 500

6D Elegant Volume Lash Extensions$182.00

  • Eyelash fineness: 0.05mm each
  • Lash counts: 700

Crazy Mix Lashes$204.00-$312.00

Our eyelash artists will use a mixture of 1D + 3D + 6D extensions to achieve near-real lashes effects for your eyes.

All customers get to enjoy these free in-salon service:

  • Tea and chocolate
  • Home care eyelash kit worth $19.90
All prices above include 8% GST.